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META Jewelry and Handwoven Textiles

Sutratma Necklace (pink)




Sutratma Necklace (pink)

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Sutratma Necklace (pink)

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The Sutratma, or the "silver cord" in metaphysical studies, refers to the consciousness thread which passes from the soul to the physical body. It connects the physical body to the etheric body, onwards to the astral body and finally to the mental body. Some prophets and soothsayers in ancient times claimed to have seen the silver cord during their out-of-body experiences. 

The Sutratma necklace is made from kumihimo braided and hand dyed hemp. The necklace is dip-dyed in cochineal and madder root. Also, hand-cut copper closures.


Also available in indigo.

38 inches in diameter.

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