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META Jewelry and Handwoven Textiles


Photo by: Arden Wray

Photo by: Arden Wray

META employs ancient techniques such as weaving, braiding, natural dyeing and clay building. I use sustainably sourced fibres and natural dyes, and then weave or braid them using a floor loom or Japanese kumihimo braiding disk. 

META is inspired by the ancient Greek word meaning "beyond", as well as the words: metaphysical and metamorphosis. I am interested in combining my passion for textiles and ceramics with ancient mythologies and the occult. Jewelry holds energy, and the wearer is the conductor of these frequencies. 

META was conceived from a fine art background. I was born & raised in sunny California but learned how to weave and dye in 2008 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I received my BFA in Fiber and Material Studies. In 2012 I took my art practice to Canada where I received my MFA at York University in Toronto in 2014. Currently I am based out of Los Angeles, California. When I'm not creating jewelry, I am making installation art: